„Hiring the right people is the best thing a manager can do.“

Lee Iacocca, former President of the Ford Motor Company, Detroit

Interim Management

Interim managers work in a line position within a company and are fully accountable for their results. They are available for short periods, they are familiar with their tasks from numerous previous appointments, and bring experience to the job which they apply directly. There is no need for lengthy induction periods and at the end of the project they leave the company quickly and cleanly.


This way of putting managers and specialists into place originated in Holland in the 1970s, and the practice is now widespread, to include more than just big company groups and major projects. In Germany, the trend has become accepted in more and more industries, with companies including owner-run SMEs successfully completing projects under interim management.


Interim management can give the owner or directors of a company the help they need, especially in cases of company transition and succession, or during the purchase or sale of companies or parts of companies, when reorganisations need to be carried out under pressure of time, or during full restructuring processes, when preventing insolvency or to fill a vacancy at short notice. The same applies to specialised subjects which a company does not need the resources to deal with over the longer term.


It is always worth considering appointing an interim manager in cases where projects exceed the time frame usually required for a traditional consultation process.


Are you faced with complex changes? Axel Kunz has a successful rack record as an interim manager, having completed many projects for small and medium-sized enterprises, including company reorganisations, relocating production, and restructuring manufacturing companies. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.