Business Partners

In certain projects it can be advantageous to combine and supplement skills. In these cases we work together with partners who have the same high levels of expertise and experience as us and with whom we have developed successful partnerships over the years.

G. Rohde + Partner, Oldenburg


We work closely with G. Rohde + Partner on issues related to financing, and avail ourselves of their many years of experience in corporate finance, cash management and investment finance.

Matthias Müller, Wiesbaden


Tax laws and revisions to case law are in a permanent sate of evolution, which makes it hard for businesses to keep up. In tax issues and when dealing with business succession or company acquisitions the tax aspects can become substantial.


We make sure that support is available from experienced professionals who are familiar with the needs of SMEs.

TKMU, Bremerhaven


TKMU provides support to help you develop and implement business and growth strategies which are profit-oriented. TKMU identifies the competitive advantages of its clients and the long-term benefits of their products and services for their customers. Correct positioning creates freedom for value-related price management and higher yields. TKMU is the right strategic partner for all phases of the company life cycle.

Bremer Software & Beratungs GmbH, Bremen


BSB has been planning and implementing custom software solutions for over 25 years, and integrating them seamlessly into existing infrastructures in companies working in a wide range of industries all across Germany. They support their clients by providing innovative IT developments, solutions and services which help them make effective and long-lasting improvements to their active business processes.