„Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.“

Demostenes, Greek orator and staatesman

Opportunity Mangement

Strengthen your strengths and you will weaken your weaknesses. It may sound like a play on words, but there is an essential truth underlying this, and it is one which is harder for some companies to realise than you might expect. Many companies are barely or not all aware of what their strengths actually are, and so they can only take limited advantage of them. This is especially true of small and medium-sized businesses.


They often dwell on their weaknesses, and in day-to-day business they are overly concerned with everyday problems. Progress, positive outcomes and the opportunities that arise from them get overlooked. A piece of bad news gets passed on 30 more times than a piece of good news.


Opportunities are frequently ignored, as no consequences usually arise from them. By contrast, potential risks are managed well in advance for fear of any negative effects they could have. There needs to be a healthy balance between retaining and expanding the core business (operative growth), identifying opportunities for cooperation (joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions) and implementing completely new business models (renewal).


In order to identify all opportunities and strengths, so that they can be exploited to their full advantage, it is very useful to have support from a neutral, experienced third party.


We will help you identify opportunities and convert them into reality in a systematic way. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.