Do your competitors sometimes get ahead of you with new technological developments? Are new competitors appearing in your market segment more frequently, putting pressure on prices? Have important customers abandoned you? Are the costs of the purchased parts, raw materials and services you need to make your product going up? Does your principal bank demand more and more information, and do they remain in "close" contact with you? Do the partners in the company have different ideas about the direction the business should take?


If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then please get in touch with us, because there are no second chances when restructuring becomes necessary. With us on your side, however, you will acquire added professionalism and credibility in your dealings with third parties during your restructuring process.


The beneficial effects of this process are that your business model will be fundamentally revised to give it stability for the future, and partnerships, collaborations and networks can be given more emphasis or be set up from scratch. Your Real Net Output Ratio can be supported by outsourcing or outsourced altogether. The breadth and depth of product ranges will be examined and brought into line with the new business model.


Whether we're talking about a reshuffle, turnaround, or business process reengineering, any kind of restructuring demands great levels of determination, desire and courage to implement the necessary changes from all those involved, and employees and suppliers may be sceptical. It is rarely possible to introduce effective new measures without causing some tensions, and there are no standard solutions for your company.


Swift and determined intervention is the answer, and you can take advantage of the expertise of people who have years of experience in situations like these. Contact us to discuss your needs further.