Workflow Optimisation

Warehouses full, plenty of stock, but you still can't deliver? Are rush orders the norm for you, instead of the exception? Are frequent shortages of key production components a common occurrence? An otherwise insignificant purchased part is missing and delivery of a major order is held up. A customer asks if you could possibly bring an order forward by one day and you can't give a definite answer.


If any of these situations arise in your company it's a sure sign that there are problems in your core processes. The purchasing, production planning and manufacturing departments can only work together if established processes which are in place are properly integrated with one another.


In other words, are your suppliers really the right ones for you? Is there a sufficient homogenisation of machinery, staff and external resources? Are your employees adequately qualified, and how do their qualifications fit into a uniform system? Is your primary value adding process really geared to meet the needs of your customers?


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